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E–Clip is a psy progressive oriented project created by Marko Radovanovic aka Radule from Belgrade (Serbia). Marko has been working in psytrance music since 2002 when he was working on his full-on project called beyondecliptica and released the full lenght album "groove technologies" for medusa records (greece). In 2009 he started to work on his psy-progressive project and E-Clip was born. The first tracks „altittude“ and „nok-multistop rmx“ have been released immediately and Marko decided to work hard on next tracks. Within 5 months he arranged 10 more tracks to be released on major trance labels such as iono music, blue tunes, spintwist, oxygen, prog-on-syndicate, yellow sunshine explosion an many more. In january 2010, marko has joined the iono music family. John 00 fleming has included marko's track „equilibrium“ in his latest show on bbc 1 as being a part of john's „essential“ radio mix. Booking page >



Ectima is a progressive tech trance project created by Dalibor Delic (aka Flegma) and Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce), project created by headleaders of TesseracTstudio.This unique style can be described as constant sound-shifting, dynamic breaks and changes of rhythmic patterns.The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2004... Soon after first album "NO WAY OUT" was released for Geomagnetic TV from USA, Today Ectima release music for main label in progressive trance scene and new album "Ground Defense" is released as a debut CD on TesseracTstudio records.. Booking page >

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FLEGMA is the progressive-psy trance project created by Dalibor Delic from Belgrade, Serbia. He began to learn about music at early age, influenced by his older brother who play bass and guitar. Dalibor was producing all kinds of beats, writing melodies and arranging songs, using gadgets and synths that was availible. A mixture of deep bass lines, percussive sequences, soft pads and melodic synth leads characterize Flegma tunes. In short time, Dalibor played at numerous parties and festivals in Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Croatia... Aside from TesseracTstudio Dalibor releasing tracks for some of the major progressive trance labels like Iono Music, Spin Twist, Blue Tunes, Millenium, Oxygen, Leguan,Prog On Syndicate, Plusquam records...Flegma's debut album in collaboration with Dragan (aka Nerso) was released on IONO Music from Germany in october 2009. Flegma made remixes from artists like Zen Mechanics, Jaia, Liquid Soul, NOK, Earsugar, Suntree, Midimal, Ritmo, Vaishiyas, Mute, Klopfgeister...Dalibor is involved in a few side projects such as Ectima and TesseracT. Ectima is Dalibor's side project with his friend Nikola (aka Zyce). Powerfull progressive tech-trance music combined with dark pads and eletric fx's synths.TesseracT project is the ambient-chill-out music include both Dalibor and Slobodan together with Nikola(aka Zyce) and Goran Grubic. Warm, atmospheric sounds combined with jazz melodies,brings ambient music fresh perspective and new ideas. Since 2006, Dalibor and Nikola have established artists organization "TesseracTstudio" which became one of the main label in 2009, gettering one of the finest act of today's progressive trance scene. Booking page >



Float is electronic music project created by Vladimir Mihajlovic in 2008. He started learning about sound in year 2003 when he had first contact with sound editing softwares like ACID, Sound Forge and Fruity Loops. His first creations were made in year 2004. Vladimir was experimenting with various styles from 2004 to 2008 when he created his own kind of deep music made for enjoying and relaxation. Deep basslines, constantly shifting abstract sfx spiced with digitally modulated leads and glitches, melted into spacey pads and chilling dubby chords is now Float's recognizable sound. Float merges techno, trance, house, dub, ambient and minimalistic influences into unique electronic fusion. Anyhow, none of his tracks can be classified into one genre, it is always a interesting mixture of a few genres. Float is also a member of perspective artist organisation TesseracTstudio based in Serbia which gathers very talented musicians in domain of intelligent progressive trance music. Booking page >



My name is Goran Grubic born In 26.05.1984. And for a decade I'm working on electronic music production. After long period of exploration with many starts and stops I've came into era of constant music production under project names such as: HARDY.ROD (ambient-break beat), HARDY.VELES (progressive trance) and HARDY.SVAROG (psy-trance). These names are derived from Old Slavic mythology that follows my whole work as music producer, designer, writter and scientist. Booking page >

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LYCTUM is one of the few producers who dares to step out of the Psychedelic Trance formula, creating new soundscapes with an uplifting mood, very atmospheric melodies and percussive elements. It comes as no surprise that his previous work has been released on plenty of labels (Hommega Productions, Utopia Records, Geomagnetic Records), and his collaborations include acts like: Zyce, Flegma, Nerso, Sideform, Vice, Aqualize, Ovnimoon and many more. LYCTUM (Dejan Jovanovic) is another fantastic act from Belgrade and has previously recorded under the name PROSPECT. Booking page >



Middle Mode is a project created by two DJ's ( Jovan tot and Ivan Jovicic ) they used their many years of experience on stage for the creation of a unique psytrance progressive sound with a large dose of spirituality and higher state of consciousness.They work on music production since 2004 and describe themselves like a pure psytrance comers of today. Booking page >



NERSO is progressive trance project created by Dragan Matic from Belgrade/Serbia.. From early days he was involved in all kind of music styles. Latter on, he start to study Faculty for audio/video engineering in Belgrade... As years goes by, Dragan find himself in eletronic music and Nerso project was born. Style can be described as pumping bass lines, melodic synth leads, floating pads and funky rhythmic... Today Nerso project releases for biggest labels in progressive trance scene such as: Mikrokosmos, Blue Tunes, Spin Twist, Synergetic, Plusquam and many more...His first collaboration album ”Opposite” with Flegma was released for IONO music in late 2009.. . Album had huge success on psytrance charts and great feedback from dance floors around the world. Second album “Exploration of Infinity” is released on TesseracTstudio in may 2011. .So far Nerso have made numerous collaborations with big artists name, such as: Zen Mechanics, Sideform, E-Clip, Egorythmia, Middle Mode.. Booking page >



Ovnimoon is psy progressive project created by Hector Stuardo, born in Santiago de Chile in 1979, one of the most famous trance projects in South America. His first track "KantuM" was released for "Synergetic Records" in December 2003. After this, Hector continues to work with the same label and releasesd his debut album, called "Camanchaca”. One year later, on April 2007, with a new sound and with new approach,he released his second album called "Human Spirit". The album shows a stronger sound and become more distinctive, with a great sales success. Several tracks on this album were re-edited on several collections of major labels such as: Yellow Sunshine Explosion & Ministry Of Sound. In 2008, Ovnimoon published third album called "Family of Light" with which he had great success .. His last released work was a complete change. Changing label and style. On August 2009, Ovnimoon launches 4th album called "Geometric Poetry" under the German label “ IONO music”. Geometric Poetry rapidly achieved bestseller in the stores like Saikosounds and Psyshop, reaching # 1 on both stores at once by more than one week. Hector has participated in several important events in his country, being considered an ambassador of Chilean trance music, a great artist and creator. Playing in venues like Earthdance Chile, Chile Love Parade, Monte Mapu Festival and endless festivals throughout his hometown "Santiago". Creating compilations for labels such us: Synergetic records, Geomagnetic records, Goa records. He has participated in compilations for labels like: Magma , Iboga, Spliff Music, In grooves, Future Lovers, Geomagnetic, Ministry of Sound, Leguan, YSE, Ajana, Revolver Magazine, Freeze Magazine, Moonsun rec, Kagdila, Usta, Hadra records, Groove Control, Joof and prepares to edit in Solartech, IONO, Aleph Zero, Dharmaharmony and Sony Music Germany Booking page >



DJ Dowla (Vladan Jaric) aka Pion has been working as a DJ in the Belgrade (Serbia) scene since 2002 although he has been producing since 2000. He previously has been in a project called Manifest together with DJ Toca (Alternative Control), but he is now focusing on his solo project Pion. DJ Dowla mainly plays progressive trance but you can also recognize strong influences from progressive house in his sets and productions. Booking page >



Sideform are Drasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic, both from Belgrade,Serbia. These two producers met at audio-engineering school in 2006 and with mutual music interests and ideas started to produce and performtogether in 2007. First tracks were made,so one thing led to another and Sideform was created.Their music can be described as progressive trance with driving basslines, melodic synths and atmospheric pads followed by solid groove and rhythm, which combined together create the trademark style of Sideform.Duo is working with devotion and commitment in their studio, to keep the constant evolvement of their sound. They are releasing tracks for labels such as IONO Music, Spin Twist Records, Nuuktal,Synergetic, Groove Control... Currently, Drasko and Milos are working on their debut album and remixes for many artists around the world. Booking page >



Solar Kid is a chill out project made by Ivana Miodragovic who is a 25 year old composer, producer and vocalist from Belgrade / Serbia where she graduated as a sound designer. With parents musicians she was raised playing the harp between the UK and Sweden. The sound of Solar Kid is characterised by rich harmonies followed by shifting abstract effects, digitally modulated psychedelic sounds and spiced glitchy vocals which she sings live . Inspired by the colourful way of producing chill out, she uses motives from all over the world, same as elements of different music styles like reggae, electro, world, drum n' bass and trance. She has released an EP "Chill with me" by Tesseract Studio in 2010. Ivent Horizon is her progressive trance project. Groovy baselines and simple harmonies filled with glitchy psychedelic / tech sounds and vocals is what enriches this project. She has recently started collaborating with Further Progressions. She played at festivals like Boom, Sinergia (PT), Multasm (D) Life Celebration (HR) and many more parties in Serbia and the region. Booking page >



Juric Goran aka TALPA (aka THE RIDDLER), born in 1982. in Subotica, Serbia. At the age of 15, he started to make electronic music out of hobby. It lasted for 3 years, the time it took him to know the basics and the tools of production, which he began to use more and more every day for 16 hours. Even without any serious works, the first that showed the interest in his music was label from Australia, Sundance records, which released two of his tracks on a compilation. That’s when a serious work in the field of production began. Soon after that he made a deal with the same label for an album which was released in October 2004, named “Art of Being Non”. After he served the army in 2005, began the first appearances in the world .In the year of 2008. his second album "When The Somberness Becomes A Game" was released for same label, giving everyone a unique view on his music. In the meantime, he was releasing his tracks on various labels, such as Suntrip Rec, UP / MMR Records. Fabula Rec, Boom Rec, Digital Psionic. As “The Riddler Project” Goran have released an album on TesseracTstudio records, called “Questions”. Booking page >



VERTEX is a colaboration project by Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce) and Slobodan Gacesa (aka DJ Merlin). The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2008. With Solobodans knowledge of playing piano and music theory and Nikolas knowledge of producing music. This project represent beautiful connection of progressive house/trance and ambient chill out sounds. Debut album is released for TesseracTstudio records in 2010. Booking page >

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ZYCE is the solo progressive trance project created by Nikola Kozic from Nova Pazova - Serbia.After years of performing on guitar in rock and reggae bands, Nikola found himself in electronic music and the Zyce project was born. His debut album "Hyper Cube" was released in 2008 on Synergetic records. After this he started releasing several tracks worldwide on various labels like Spin Twist, Iboga, IONO Music, Blue Tunes, Plusquam. The second album "Transgressive" was released on Spin Twist records in March 2010 . This album opened doors to the biggest electronics festivals in Europe...Finally his third album “8 Cell” is released in collaboration with Flegma on TesseracTstudio records in 2011 .Besides this, Nikola is also part of several side projects like "Ectima" (collaboration with Flegma), “Vertex” (collaboration with DJ Merlin), "Orison" (collaboration with Flegma). Since 2006, Nikola and Dalibor have established an artist’s organization "TesseracTstudio" which became a respected record label in 2010. Booking page >




Not allowed to view!!! Booking page >

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ELIXZA (Tashi K Van Hoogenbemt) Growing up in Brazil dancing Forro and Capoeira to the Berimbau, gave life to my love of dancing to Electronic and Psy Trance. From this came a thirst for mixing sounds. Taking me to Europe, playing parties throughout Holland and Belgium. Back in Australia, I produced and hosted an electronic and Progressive Psy radio show, maintained DJ residencies at various clubs and with much joy rocking outdoor trance festivals, specialising in Techno/House and Full On Progressive. Booking page >



Hi there, my name is Marko Jovanovic aka Hermit. First ray of light got caught by my eye on winter of 81. I 'm stationed in Belgrade. Never was much of a blabber, bur I was always interested in expressing emotions, as well in transfer of positive message by alternative means. Guess that's where my interest in art derives from. First psychedelic event I attended (apart from my birth), was in 1998. in Belgrade. Ever-since, I've been drifting through various genres of electronic music. All of my DJ sets represent energetic battle between The Light & The Darkness. My main genre is progressive psychedelic trance, but if you listen carefully to my music expression, u can hear variety of stiles. I played in several festivals and clubs in region. Booking page >



Joel was born in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the age of 8 he started to play the piano and later on advanced with drums, guitar and bass. Joel realized very early in his life that he wanted to work with music and entertainment. In 1999 he started to organize hip hop concerts. At this time he also produced hip hop music and preformed as a rapper, radio host and DJ. He finished his education as a sound engineer and started to work with all sorts of music. For many years he made his living running his own company - deejaying, event management and doing sound and light productions. After some time he was bored by the mainstream and the hip hop scene. In his search for new ways he fell in love with house music in 2005. In 2007 he went on a pilgrim journey to Ibiza for 6 months deejaying house and electro music as well as working in many of the big clubs with sound and light production. Progressive house caught his ears and a few months later his eyes opened for progressive psy trance. When he got home he started to organize house and psy trance parties with a friend. Since then he has developed to Denmarks most playing progressive psy trance DJ with bookings all over the country at the biggest parties. His love for fast, hard progressive psy trance is endless and he feels he has found his call. He has warmed up for many big names like Liquid Soul, Astral Projection, Perplex, Audiomatic, Midimal, Space Buddha, Shiva Chandra, Quantize, Klopfgeister, Motion Drive, Jey & Ex, We and many others.He organizes the Rowdy psy trance parties and the progressive house parties 4Play, which he organizes together with Phaxe. On the side he does management for artists, organizes various music events and do sound and light productions. Booking page >



Bojan Mandić aka DJ MANDA was born in Pula, Croatia (1986). Since 1993 he's been living in Belgrade, Serbia. The Psychedelic trance scene came in to his life in 2001, but his DJ career starts at 2003. Genres that he prefer to play can be described as psy trance, progressive trance, tech-trance, chill-out, downtempo and ambient. In cooperation with DJ Bogy (aka Sattwa) and DJ Alek, he runs party organisation named O.M. COMMUNITY DJs; Menog, Atriohm, Orestis, Megalopsy, Blisargon Demogorgon, Darkpsy, Mubali, Phobos Azazel, Ectima, Flegma etc. are some of the projects that they presented to their country. He believes that unity, love and pure energy are the most powerful on dance floor, so meet him there and dance like nobody’s watching ;) Booking page >



DJ Merlin is Slobodan Gacesa from Belgrade. He was always interested in music and from the beginning it was important role in his life. Slobodan showed his talent and passion for music and started to play piano at the age of 10. After he learned the basics of playing piano and theory of music he continued to develop his playing abilities. After seven years of practicing and musical growing up, Slobodan started to play in a pop-rock band. He got into electronic music in the year 2002, and in 2003 he already started to play music on local events,but also to explore the basics of music production. Together with his friend Dalibor Delic he made progressive trance project Flegma in which he participated until 2008. Later he starts to work on project Vertex with Nikola Kozic aka Zyce until today. This project represent beautiful connection of progressive house/trance and ambient chill out sounds Debut album "OCEAN" is released on TesseracTstudio records in August 2010. Booking page >



I am Nenad Milacic DJ NESHO. Born 29.05.1977 in Pula, Croatia where I live now. My love for music started when i was very young : we had a metal group "Pulska garez" . After that I am passing through lots of types of music like: rock, hardcore , grind core,reggae...On the beggining of 1994 I meet with psychedelic music and the vibe of 60's. Soon after that I go to my first goa trance party were I hear psychedelic music of 90's. I was impressed by colours,decorations draw with uv active colours,instalations,workshops, positive vibrations between people,ecological and humanitarian acts and meeting new friends. For me all of that was connected with only one thing, dance of colorfull people who are happy and free.1996 I start with my travels around the festivals and partyes and that push me to become a d.j. and to make my own story with music. Now me and my friends have an audio visual association "Mars Room" and within our association we have organized about 70 various events,some of ecological and humanitarian acts, and workshops of decoration, music, computors and lot of other interested and educative stuff. In cooperation with other associations like Metamedija, Sub media, Mind factory and others I have acquired very valliable experience in the audio visual world and have been able to promote psychedelic vibration in Croatia. Having worked on numerous partyes I have become well known d.j. in psychedelic underground scene in Croatia and around. In August 2010 DJ Nesho have compiled a CD “Future Nature” on TesseracTstudio records. Booking page >

Psyspace slika


Born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia. From childhood his passion was only one thing - the music. Even at school Sergei was constantly involved in all activities related to music and partying. In 1995 Radio 106.8 was established in Moscow — the first radio station exclusively dedicated to electronic music. At this point Sergei got acquiainted with the universe of electronic music. In 1999 he went to a goa trance party, first in his life, where he decided to devote his life to trance music. He began gathering his own music collection, took part in different events and raves. In February 2004 came a turning point – friends aware of his large collection of trance music, invited him to to play at a private party, after which he understood where he wanted to be all the time. He began his career as a DJ. In 2005 he was invited to take part in the first Russian psy trance label TranceXplorer Rec. And from that moment his musical preferences were a psy progressive trance.After that, he began to play in large and private events all over Moscow, in many cities of Russia. In 2008 he became a member of the Moscow promo group Dreams Catchers and they did their first party Swiss Spaceport with talented musicians from Switzerland. After success of the first party, the group have countinue to invite famus progressive trance artists. In the summer of 2012 he joined TesseracTstudio label. Booking page >



Born in 1979, Rem explored musical universe during his childhood, by practicing music theory (solfege) and two instruments (piano and saxophone) for four years. Addicted to sound vibrations, he discovered the electronics music beats and the parties atmosphere in 1993, with a lot of emotion. Interested by the action of the DJ and electronics music creations, he learned mixing and two music styles infected him : progressive and trance music. He met Dj Loïc, pioneer in French Rhône-Alpes region at this time, who encouraged him to go in this direction. After years mixing with friends, Rem played in 1996 for the first time in an official party, and started to transmit his passion to party people, with Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance sounds. Evolving in different organizations (Mantra Tribe System, Transplosion, Dream & Fly) he played in France, in Switzerland, and UK for a Free Spirit event. With passing years, his interest in Progressive Trance music growth. His course allowed him to share stages with a lot of famous artists as Sesto Sento, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Wrecked Machine, Shane Gobi, Silicon Sound and more, in the past, and more recently with Ritmo, Day Din, Symphonix, Time in Motion, Ectima, Quantize, etc… Through his eclectic approach of the music, his Progressive Trance DJ sets transmit force and emotions. Rem is discovering tracks producing with Logic Pro, and is now part of TesseracTstudio label
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DJ Swell slika


Kerry SeaSwell has been around the Psytrance scene since 1995. He was first introduced to the sound in Japan where he attended his first Goa Trance party in Nagoya. The parties were intimate with no more than 50 people attending, both Japanese and Foreign. After attending these unforgettable events, he moved back to America. Once in the States, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Although other types of music appealed to him, he soon began obtaining Goa CD’s whenever and wherever he could. Listening to labels like Flying Rhino and Transient, he began to get the urge to go to parties again, but there was none of it in Arizona. He looked to Southern California for the grooves that he so missed. Hence, he made his way to California and was first introduced to Andy Barakuda and Spyros Mallas. They quickly became good friends and Swell found himself doing parties with his Psytribe brothers. After years of playing full-on, he turned to Progressive trance and so he started Djing and producing progressive. With a true mastery of the art, Swell takes a diverse variety of materials and produces a cohesive fantastic voyage. Old and new are blended together into an undulating tapestry of mental color and sound. Abstraction and intensity are prevalent throughout his sets, creating a sense of drama. Booking page >



Born on 5th Dec. 1975 in Hamburg-Germany. My musical experience started in 1989 by getting addicted to hip-hop music and the dj-ing with vinyls, scratching, mixing & backspins. At 1995 I get hardly addicted to psytrance music while visiting my first trance-party named Voov Experience. Till now, I concentrated in psy-trance-music, dj-ing, producing, dancing.In 2003 my own label “Synphonie Records” was born. The idea behind Synphonie records never was the big success in business, just a foundation of psytrance lovers in any kind. Under this label we organized about 35 events from 100 to 1000 people. In 2005 I released my first album “Butterfly effect” with my friend Quantec called Synphonetic. Meanwhile I played at more than 150 events, sometimes on tour with Morgana & Magnetrixx or with side-project like YuminanceS and Yokain. Booking page >



Todorovic Beatrisa was born in Serbia. She lived there untill 1994. Year 1994 she moved to Holland and started visiting trance parties and also to organize a parties with friends and family.From there on she started to dive in to the music. From 1997 she started playing as a Dj. She was played at major festivals such as: Fusion – Germany, Smile - Japan, Dance a Delic – Belgium,Dance Valey, Namaste - HollandFreaky Fields – Denmark and on in & out doors parties around the globe : Swiss, Portugal, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Serbia, Austria, Macedonia, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Japan, Holland, etc. Few years later she move from Holland to Austria, country side. Spending lots of time in Funky Dragon studio, learning and caching the tricks how to make good stuff.She has started producing music and she realize her first track " Full Moon" realized 2005 with Funky Dragon on Synergetic records. 2009/2010 she realize 4 more tracks " Emporia", "Dancing Desert", "Sylon", "Walking in circles" on Iono together with Funky Dragon.Her style is progressive trance music with ethno sounds. She find in this music peace, gladness, happiness, love, life.And she feel a big urge to play all this beautifull tracks, to share with everybody and on this way to connect people with this magical feeling what music gives.You can feel women spirit and energy and dance with her all night. Booking page >



Djane Zoi grew up and lives in Thessaloniki-GR. Over some years ago she had an undeniable love for music. She took that passion and began to collect electronica music!! During her studies in Business administration & International Marketing she was involved in many events-festivals around Greece as promotional manager-stage manager-bookings etc. Her work and dedication led her to promote her own events. Free Frequency was founded in Nov. 2004 with strictly progressive trance style. Free Frequency events had and continue to have great success hosting various artists from prog. trance scene. Having perfected the art of rocking parties, Zoi used to mix for fun...but 2 years now she got more in to it and found a way to express all the energy she has inside. She counts several gigs beside famous artists of our scene. Her sets are a variety of soft vs hard progressive trance tunes that get more aggressive after hours...Her motto is plug-in prOgress...plug-in life!! In 2010 she become part of Tesseract Studio records and compiled CD “Free Frequency” with artists such as: Zen Mechanics, Klimet, E-Clip, Zyce, Flegma..!!! Booking page >

DJ Dr Fil slika


Since 2000 dr Fil has been busy playing at and throwing sick trance parties along the east coast of Australia. His style is distinguished and exhibits a slight fondness for epic piano tracks. Fil claims to be able to set up and pack up a wicked party quicker than any other geezer out there. Where top gear has The Stig, Australia has Doc Fil on the decks; he once played a 27 hour set when a plane full of international artists got lost in a volcanic ash cloud. The Doctor is said to own 368 baseball caps; this has yet to be proven. Djing in bars, cafes, clubs and bush parties for more than a decade. The Doc has played varied styles of electronic music from deep house, drum and bass to trance. In 2006 Fil started playing for one of the worlds earliest and longest running underground trance labels (SunDance)and now recently joined with the team at TesseracT studios. The Doc is excited to be able to showcase this uplifting, powerful, melodic trance to all the dancers on the floor. DJ Fil has appeared at both NNSW and QLD Winter Solstice, Moontopia, Vector, Genesis, Secret Sessions, Deja Vu, Southern Oracle, Bass Camp, Mayhem, Krishna Kuts, Afterhourz, Gooble, Resonate, and many other events. Supporting acts like Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Raja Ramm, Bizzare Contact, Positive Thought, Visual Contact, Visual Paradox, M.E.E.O, dj Bog, Digital Talk, Vibrasphere, Raz, Twilight, Terrafractyl, Ion, Franny, J00F, Short Circut, Quench, Painkiller, Strange Planet, Mr Peculiar,, Ozzy, Product Placement, Xatrik, Zion Linguist, Neuron Compost, Luke Psywalker, Talpa and The Riddler. dr Fil went to school under the shade of a tree. Booking page >




My name is Zdravko Vucetic, born in 1985 in Belgrade, and live in Nova Pazova, Serbia. Even as a little boy I was fascinated by the amazing world of colors and shapes and their inextricably link, often spending hours and hours drawing, painting and studying so many things that surround me. My main obsessions are aircrafts, various machinery and modern architecture, as well as many other things related to industrial and graphic design. During 2005. beginning to interested in 2D and 3D production and discover a new ways to better realize my ideas and give them a new dimensions and outlook. Since then, completely changed my way of artistic expression, that allows me to make new creative things in the further work. If you thought that sometimes you need my skills, feel free to contact me...

NADJ slika


My name is Nebojsa Nadj, born in 1985 in Zemun, and live in Nova Pazova, Serbia. Since earliest childhood I was interested in art, particularly drawing. I finished "techno-art" school in Belgrade, the department of jeweler art objects and worked many different things until 2004. when I became interested in computer graphics... I am a self-taught artist with few years experience in digital art, illustration and 3D modeling, currently working as a freelancer who turned his hobby into a career. You need to be passionate about your chosen career to be successful, especially if you want to leave your mark. If you thought that sometimes you need my skills, feel free to contact me...