Binaural beats2
  • Compilation - Binaural Beats 2
  • Published:
play 01.Float - Sundance128.00
play 02.Pion - Ray Of Joy128.00
play 03.The Riddler - Ace128.00
play 04.Ivent Horizon - Like You128.00
play 05.Avax - Switch Blade128.00
play 06.Vertex - Time Distortion132.00
play 07.E-Click - Norwegian Wood128.00
play 08.Morten Granau & Vice - Universal Language128.00
play 09.Vertex & Float - Protector (Avax rmx)132.00
play 10.Promid - Destiny126.00

Binaural Beats series continues with refreshing second summer edition of the compilation. Second session discovers ten new rejuvenating sonic gems crafted and shaped specially for moments of morning dance meditations. Selection features remarkable debut creations from Avax (new side project from Relativ, a part of Sideform project), Ivent Horizon (aka Solar Kid), E-Click (aka E-Clip), guest appearances by Vice, Granau and Promid, along with regular label players Float, Pion, The Riddler and Vertex. Artists featured once again had a task of creating deep, soulful and emotional music and this time the results are a colorful combination of chilled out themes and wicked dancefloor grooves. Vibrating through different parts of electronic music spectrum, Binaural Beats presents the perfect balance between quality and originality. Just like on first chapter, playful diversity is what makes second volume of Binaural Beats stand out. Open your mind, relax your senses, move your body and enjoy the ride!

Vertex Earth
  • Vertex - Earth
play 01. Vertex feat. Solar Kid - Elements On Earth128.00
play 02. Vertex - Surface128.00
play 03. Vertex & Pion - Avalanche128.00
play 04. Vertex - Welcome To Serbia132.00
play 05. Vertex - Faith135.00
play 06. Vertex - Enlightenment133.00
play 07. Vertex & Vice - Out Of Orbit135.00
play 08. Vertex feat. Float - Northern Lights134.00
play 09. Vertex - Joy Of Silence90.00

After the absolute success of their refreshing debut "Ocean", symbolizing the element of water, Vertex returns with second installment in element concept albums with "Earth". Vertex guys have really worked hard to create their signature atmospheric, melodic and groovy progressive sound, and this album proves what a fine job they did. More than ever before, Vertex is completely devoted to creation of authentic sounds, melodies and rhythms, making this album truly unique and original - something that is always appreciated more than seasonal dancefloor tools that floods the scene in a last few years. As in "Ocean" their focus is once again on complex melodic structures,but this time they took the game to a whole new level with addition of soothing spiritual vocals, tribal percussion's, even warmer and lighter pads and textures, spacey and psychedelic sound effects and all the way to energetic sounds of Balkan trumpets. There really is a high diversity, and you can definitely expect sounds of "Earth" to echo on upcoming summer festival season, as well in years to come.

Solar Kid
  • Solar Kid - Sint Etik
play 01.Solar Kid - Sintetik
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play 02.Solar Kid - Playground
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play 03.Solar Kid - The 1st Jhana
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play 04.Solar Kid - Human Eyes
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play 05.Solar Kid & Michele Adamson - Namaste
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play 06.Solar Kid - Flamebach
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play 07.Solar Kid - Rising
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play 08.Solar Kid - Fantasy
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play 09.Solar Kid - Chill With Me
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TesseracTstudio opens a new chapter and invites you to new year kickoff with mesmerizing debut album from Solar Kid. .Ivana Miodragovic, living and creating in Belgrade, has always been showing incredible talent and sense for complex music harmonies and abilities to capture and picture moments and emotions from everyday life through music. Finding influences in classic and electronic music, her sound is both naturally organic and electronically twisted and modified giving away an entirely fresh and exciting vision of dubby psychedelic chill out music. Being both chilled and tripped out, 'Sint Etik' is simply telling a story as it slowly flows by.

Eternal Symphony
  • Compilation - Eternal Symphony
play 01. Vertex - Second Element132.00
play 02. DJane Betty & Funky Dragon - Behind You135.00
play 03. Orison - Mutation135.00
play 04. Nerso & Zyce - Force of Existence138.00
play 05. Lyctum - Consciousness136.00
play 06. Funky Dragon - Dreamer136.00
play 07. Relativ - Universal137.00
play 08. Zyce & Funky Dragon - Peacemaker136.00
play 09. E-Clip - Capital Distress136.00
play 10. Zyce & Flegma - Shades of Gray138.00

'Eternal Symphony' is a brand new progressive trance compilation from TesseracTstudio Records, last release in 2011. Bringing back the true progressive vibe to your speakers with 10 tracks of pure creativity and intelligent arrangements featuring well known progressive trance act's Funky Dragon and DJane Betty, E-Clip, Nerso, Flegma, Vertex, Zyce with highly awaited artists Relativ and Lyctum. This release will keep you warm during this winter. Be prepared for one more floor breaking piece of electronic music

  • Promid - Deep Love The Remixes
play 01.Promid - Deep Love (Solar Kid rmx)124.00
play 02.Promid - Deep Love (Pion rmx)124.00
play 03.Promid - Deep Love (Nano-Mechanic rmx)124.00
play 04.Promid - Deep Love (Float rmx)124.00
play 05.Promid - Deep Love (Savix rmx)124.00
play 06.Promid - Deep Love (Elegant Flow rmx)124.00
play 07.Promid - Deep Love (Original Mix)124.00
play 08.Promid - Deep Love (High and Mighty rmx)124.00
play 09.Promid - Deep Love (Squared Curves rmx)124.00

Soft Touch, Warm Hug and Passion...Every once in a while unique musical pieces emerge, with that special deep sound taking us into depths of emotions, like Promid's 'Deep Love'.  Originally released on 'Binaural Beats' compilation earlier this year, this pure gem of breezing progressive house instantly achieved blooming feedback by various producers and music lovers, resulting with this collection of remix interpretations. Carefully selected and crafted with pleasure, album features 8 remixes by international artists of highly diverse backgrounds and experiences. Journey starts with dub version by talented producer and vocalist Solar Kid, then unfolds through various styles of deep dancefloor grooves by Pion, Nano Mechanics, Float, Savix, Elegant Flow aka Vertex, High and Mighty and Squared Curves. Adjust the volume, dim the lights and let the deep love take over.

  • Compilation - Future Nature 2
play 01. Vertex & Pion - Sunrise Tonic128.00
play 02. The Riddler - Disturbings128.00
play 03. Phaxe & Vice Vs Vertex - Orange Bad135.00
play 04. Nerso - Particles136.00
play 05. Zyce - Source Cod136.00
play 06. Sideform feat. Zyce & Flegma - Four Kings136.00
play 07. Middle Mode & Ectima - Lunar Drive136.00
play 08. Ectima & E-Clip - Crowd Control136.00
play 09.Hardy.Veles - City Of Pula134.00
play 10.Zyce & Flegma - Evaporation123.00

The Synergy of nature and technology is back. DJ Nesho one more time bring you one step closer to the evolution of sounds and beats with 10 carefully selected tracks. Energy of warm sun, cold see and enchanted forest have return stronger then ever. Compilation created to celebrate 12th annual summer festival Future Nature, second in a cycle of five festivals that are dedicated to the natural elements: earth, wood, wind, water and metal. Variation trough all genres of electronic music this compilation will satisfy all lovers of electronic sound. Starting with summer sound track from Vertex and Pion trough unique groove by The Riddler, across positive and classical dynamic progressive trance beats of Zyce, Flegma, Nerso, Phaxe, Vice, Sideform and Hardy.Veles and all the way down to deeper spheres of psytrance sound of Middle Mode, E-Clip and Ectima. This year we have put our accent on wood. Welcome to the different future, welcome to the Future Nature 2.

  • Nerso - Exploration of Infinity
play 01.Nerso - Jungle of Sound134.00
play 02.Nerso - Electrify134.00
play 03.Nerso - Dune135.00
play 04.Nerso - Synapse135.00
play 05.Nerso - Borderland136.00
play 06.Nerso - Vertigo136.00
play 07.Nerso - Crystal135.00
play 08.Nerso - Deep Blue136.00
play 09.Nerso - Quirky136.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to present 'Exploration of Infinity'... ... first solo album by the label act Nerso. Behind the 'Nerso' name is Dragan Matic, he is one of a kind talented artist from Serbia and representative in progressive trance scene for the past few years. A story created by 9 different pieces, connected in a unique manner. The 'Exploration of Infinity' album is no doubt one of the most expected releases in the progressive trance scene of today. Including collaborations with label artists like Sideform, E-Clip, Middle Mode and Iva, this album offers a wide range of progressive trance beats mixed with psychedelic flow and tech-trance touch, which will definitely satisfy the ears and minds of many music lovers. Get ready for the dancefloor!

Zyce and Flegma
  • Zyce and Flegma - 8 Cell
play 01. Zyce & Flegma - Snapshot135.00
play 02. Zyce & Flegma - Fallen Idols136.00
play 03. Zyce & Flegma feat. Spinney Lainey - Puls (rmx)136.00
play 04. Zyce & Flegma - Fun Gun136.00
play 05. Zyce & Flegma - Reanimation137.00
play 06. Zyce & Flegma - Pusher138.00
play 07. Zyce & Flegma - Orison138.00
play 08. Zyce & Flegma - Dum Spiro, Spero137.00
play 09. Zyce & Flegma - Submersion091.00

Being one of the most active and passionate young musicians to emerge in the last couple of years, Zyce (Nikola Kozic) and Flegma (Dalibor Delic) certainly have risen more than a few sandstorms over the dancefloors worldwide. They have both already made significant contributions for the global progressive trance collective, by releasing 3 albums and quite a number of tracks and remixes for respected labels. Two friends also formed a tech-psytrance project Ectima which already scores 2 albums in their discography and their famous remixes of Nok vs Ritmo, Day Din, Protonica... Second album of Ectima was established as a landmark in their carrier, because it marked the birth of TesseracTstudio as a record label. Ever since, Zyce and Flegma have supported talented, inspirational and innovative producers, making the label to be recognized by supplying very fresh and unique music to the audience. '8 Cell' is their most up-to-date masterpiece of modern progressive trance sound. Clear, pulsing beats enriched with captivating melodies all together make a wonderful musical journey! 8 Cell is here, and be ready for it!

The Riddler - Questions
  • The Riddler - Questions
play 01. The Riddler - Robots Like To Have Sex126.00
play 02. The Riddler - Hide And Seek131.00
play 03. The Riddler - Digital Users131.00
play 04. The Riddler - Questions (Feat. Vertex)131.00
play 05. The Riddler - A Whisper Of Hope132.00
play 06. The Riddler - Little Bastards130.00
play 07. The Riddler - Intelligent Shade Of Green132.00
play 08. The Riddler - Outsider131.00
play 09. The Riddler - Surprise132.00
play 10. The Riddler - Dreamer070.00

The Riddler has a few Questions for You. TesseracTstudio is very proud to finally announce the release of album by Serbian producer Goran Juric, which is known to the world under his Talpa moniker. Talpa was one of the greatest discoveries of psytrance in the last decade, with two amazing albums and bunch of singles released worldwide, his music reached legendary status among psychedelic society. His endless creativity and ability to create storytelling music has already captivated hearts of music lovers all around the globe, and with his new project The Riddler, he is ready to continue his sonic domination. The Riddler's "Questions" is probably the most unique, innovative, up to date artist album scene has to offer at this moment. As things are today, among so many artists which desperately search for succesfull dance music formula, The Riddler does it with ease and elation - sound is funky and groovy, and crosses into almost every genre of dance music you can hear today. From funky disco house beats to progressive house with a hint of techno, The Riddler spiced it all up with psychedelic atmospheres which originates from his psytrance roots. Once again, Goran shows off his amazing production skills, and prooves that dance music still is a big playground where anything is possible. If you were looking for a unique sound that you will love more and more with each new listen, look no further, all you need is right here.  

Compilation - Binaural Beats
  • Compilation - Binaural Beats
play 01. Elegant Flow feat. Tisha - Run Away120.00
play 02. Pion - Novembar124.00
play 03. Extend - Elypsion120.00
play 04. PrOmid - Deep Love124.00
play 05. Vertex - Tune In120.00
play 06. Elegant Flow - Missing Chords125.00
play 07. Float - Morning Rain (rmx)126.00
play 08. The Riddler - Devotion128.00
play 09. Float - Streets127.00
play 10. Biolab & Vertex - Close to Me128.00

TesseracTstudio invites you to exquisite dance session with "Binaural Beats"! This special release features exceptional productions from regular label artists, this time presenting deeper sounds and relaxed musical pieces of art. This time we focused on bringing a different sound than usual, showcasing artists abilities to produce not only quality sounding beats, but also soulful, deep and emotional music. From laid back lounge downtempo beats to deep and progressive house dance grooves, this unique cd has all you need for a blissful listening experience. Open your mind, relax your senses, move your body and enjoy the ride!

Compilation - Free Frequency
  • Compilation - Free Frequency
play 01. Kliment - Day Of Illusion135.00
play 02. Zyce - Basic (Zyce & Spinney Lainey rmx)135.00
play 03. Flegma & Nerso Vs Zyce - Walk The Line132.00
play 04. Sideform Vs Zyce & Flegma - Carbon136.00
play 05. Flegma & Nerso Vs Middle Mode - Awakening136.00
play 06. Ectima - Who Attacks Me134.00
play 07. E-Clip - Holy Spirit136.00
play 08. Zyce & Flegma - Something Beneath137.00
play 09. Zen Mechanics Vs Flegma & Nerso - Flux136.00

Feel the undeniable love for music, the passion for dance, the flow, the beat, the bass...Feel the Frequency!!! TesseracT studio Records strikes again with an exciting, VA edition compiled by DJane Zoi, label DJ-one of the latest members of the team and the lady behind of "Free Frequency" events in Greece. Free Frequency was founded in the beggining of 2004 with strictly progressive psy-trance style. Free Frequency events had and continue to have great success hosting various artists from prog. psy-trance scene. The aim of the management was to give a unique-fresh music style of entertainment based on progressive trance melodies with fat bass and a touch of tech-electro sound. This compilation includes 10 powerfull tracks, most of them by Tesseract studio artists. Some of those already hosted in Free Frequency events and more to come! Carefully selected by Djane Zoi (co-operation TesseracT Studio) in a way to express all the energy she has inside. The compilation is a variety of soft vs hard progressive psy-trance tunes... From Kliment....with soft prog. more trance melodies by Zyce-Flegma-Nerso and great co-operations with Sideform plus Middle Mode...going deeper with techno elements by Ectima... E-Clip comes to make it more agressive...with Zyce & Flegma.. and finaly is getting more psy with loops by Zen Mechanics. No doubt the experience you are gonna have from this release!! Will take you to another another Frequency...

Compilation - Future Nature
  • Compilation - Future Nature
play 01. Float - Soul Searching130.00
play 02. The Riddler & Float - Pillow129.00
play 03. Phaxe Vs Zyce & Flegma - Tutty Fruty135.00
play 04. Nerso - Lost Horizon135.00
play 05. Zyce - Ghost134.00
play 06. Flegma & Nerso - Data Link133.00
play 07. Sideform - Web Of Life136.00
play 08. Middle Mode Vs Flegma & Nerso Vs E-Clip - I.P.U.134.00
play 09. Hardy.Veles - Dalimilova Kronika135.00
play 10. Ectima - By Human140.00

Experience the synergy of nature and technology, and make a step into evolution of sounds & beats - welcome to Future Nature! TesseracTstudio Records presents a special VA edition compiled by DJ Nesho -  label DJ and partner, and the man behind the longest lasting psychedelic trance festival in Croatia: Future Nature Festival. For over 10 years, Future Nature has hosted many important progressive and psytrance artists, promoted psychedelic culture in various artistic ways, and kept going forward, progressing into uncharted territories of psychedelic minds. This special compilation includes 10 masterpieces from TesseracTstudio artists, who are regular guests and performers at this annual summer celebration. Carefully selected by DJ Nesho, the selection is impressive and more innovative than ever before. Ranging from progressive house and ecstatic trance grooves of Float and The Riddler, across positive and dynamic progressive trance beats of Zyce, Flegma, Nerso, Phaxe, Sideform and Hardy.Veles and all the way down to deeper spheres of psytrance sound of Middle Mode, E-Clip and Ectima, this release definitely has a lot to offer and is definitely a collection of tunes that must be part of any music collection! Feel the mystical energy of the nature, warm sun and cold sea, absorb the positive vibrations and enjoy the moment! Welcome to the different future, a future where people respect the nature as it respects the human kind.

Vertex - Ocean
  • Vertex – Ocean
play 01. Vertex - Ocean125.00
play 02. Vertex - Endless127.00
play 03. Vertex & Pion - Lighthouse128.00
play 04. Vertex - Revive130.00
play 05. Vertex - Poseidon132.00
play 06. Vertex & Float - Protector132.00
play 07. Vertex - Silencio130.00
play 08. Vertex & The Riddler – Atlantida133.00
play 09. Vertex - More129.00
play 10. Vertex - Far View127.00

Take a deep breath and let yourself be taken by the magic sounds and waves of the Ocean. TesseracTstudio is very proud to present refreshing debut album of Vertex, an exciting new project created by Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce) and Slobodan Gacesa (aka DJ Merlin). Over a year in the making, Vertex created a dreamy aquatic adventure, assembled with soothing ocean sounds, deep warm chords, uplifting melodies, and specially crafted dancefloor beats. Initially a progressive house solo project by Nikola, Vertex concept and story got exciting turn when Slobodan started to participate in the project. Having a lot of experience in music production as a former part of Flegma project, Slobodan's talent for complex melodies and harmonies added a final twist to the originality of Vertex sound. Somewhere between deep and progressive house, trance and lounge, Vertex sound is perfect for anything from beach parties, huge festivals to private afterhours chilling out. One thing is for sure - this is easy summer sound that will make you smile, dance and enjoy the simple moments that makes the life beautiful as it is."Ocean" is a complete story, soaked in sounds of the moving waters, it takes you on a journey to beautiful distant places, and lets you explore the whole new underwater world of sounds. Including collaborations with label artists The Riddler, Float, and Pion, this album offers a wide range of progressive beats, which will satisfy the ears and minds of many music lovers.

Compilation - Subfuse
  • Compilation - Subfuse
play 01. The Riddler & Float - Computer Music Magazine128.00
play 02. BeatSklop - Attractors126.00
play 03. Vertex - 1910134.00
play 04. Zyce & Nerso - Earth Prime136.00
play 05. Middle Mode- Age of Change135.00
play 06. Sideform - Santo Diam136.00
play 07. Egorythmia Vs Flegma & Nerso - Ground Zero135.00
play 08. Zyce & Flegma - Stereo Panic137.00
play 09. E-Clip & Flegma - Night Swallowing Day134.00
play 10. Hardy.Veles - Obi Wan Bobi134.00

TesseracTstudio is very proud to present it's first home-made compilation release! SubFuse 001 is a collection of stunning cutting edge modern sound design combined with unique crispy clear production and top output quality. TesseracTstudio has become one of the most active artist communities in progressive/psy-trance scene, and some of the today's most demanded artists like Zyce, Flegma & Nerso, Ectima, Float and The Riddler are contributing to this collective, making it develop futher bringing new and different ideas to music, design and promotion. TesseracTstudio has experienced an artist expansion in year 2009 with new hard working artists like Talpa aka The Riddler, Sideform, E-Clip, and Ovnimoon joining the crew. Since then, the artist collective has stepped on a next level and started bringing new ideas and projects to life. This collection of dancefloor fillers is a beginning of a new multi-collaborative concept where every artist can express creativity in full freedom without being limited by current trends or music standards. Being unique and following your vision is the idea behind this artist organization, and it is yet to be proved how really benefitial this concept is to artists themselves. Compilation includes 10 previously unreleased tracks from both core artists and new names. Get ready to rock the dancefloor!

Ectima - Ground Defense
  • Ectima - Ground Defense
play 01. Ectima - Bounce130.00
play 02. Ectima - Depth Finder130.00
play 03. Ectima - Info Stealer130.00
play 04. Ectima - Evil Spirits (rmx)134.00
play 05. Ectima & Talpa - Claymore135.00
play 06. Ectima - Bure Baruta136.00
play 07. Ectima & E-Clip - Crossfire136.00
play 08. Ectima - Ground Tracer138.00
play 09. Ectima - Stand Still130.00

Reload your rifles, upgrade your armor, hold your ground and enter the dancefloor battlefield! TesseracTstudio collective is very proud to finally annouce label opening with exclusive smashing second album from Ectima - Ground Defense! Ever since their icebreaking debut release "No Way Out", Ectima (aka Zyce & Flegma) have been improving their unique sound pushing the sounds and beats further away from well known limits of todays trance sound. The result of this year-round technologic development is now finally shaped into a rock-solid pumping psychedelic techno 9 tracker album ready to destroy your next party in a blast!  


Vertex Mango
  • Vertex - Mango
play 01. Vertex - Mango135.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce hot new single from Vertex project, under name "Mango". The single which will keep alive summer feeling where ever you are!

  • Spinney Lainey & Zyce - Fluting
play 01. Zyce - Ghost (Zyce & Spinney Lainey rmx)134.00
play 02. Zyce - Android (Zyce & Spinney Lainey rmx)137.00
play 03. Zyce & Flegma feat Spinney Lainey - Submersion (Spinney Lainey feat. Zyce & Flegma rmx)91.00

Tesseractstudio Digital is proud to present an EP which introduces a fresh approach to progressive trance, combining warm melodies of the flute and the true progressive trance sound.Spinney Lainey on the flute and Zyce on the beats is a sure recipe for a great sounding EP, which will for sure be a refreshing addition for the summer festival season.Don't miss it!

  • Copycat - Spirit World
play 01. Copycat - Spirits World135.00
play 02. Copycat & Nerso - Karma135.00

Tesseractstudio is happy to announce the first EP of Copycat. Behind this project is Milos Modrinic, also known as a member of Sideform. This EP includes the title track 'Spirit World' and a collaboration track with Nerso called 'Karma'. Watch out for this one on the dancefloor this summer!

Side Effects
  • Side Effects - The Second LSDeep
play 01. Side Effects - The Second LSDeep135.00
play 02. Zyce - L'apstraction (Side Effects rmx)135.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce the new EP from the Israeli project, 'Side Effects' called 'The Second LSDeep '. With this release we bring you two fresh tracks, a remix of Zyce's 'Lapstraction', and the title track 'The Second LSDeep'. This powerful release will surely keep your body moving on the dancefloor during this summer festival season. Be sure not to miss this one!

Vertex i Pion
  • Vertex & Pion - Sunrise Tonic
play 01. Vertex & Pion - Dropshoot128.00
play 02. Vertex & Pion - Punta Christo128.00
play 03. Vertex & Pion - Sunrise Tonic128.00

A refreshing start for 2012.TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new cocktail EP 'Sunrise Tonic' from the label act's Vertex and Pion.

  • Sideform - Web Of Life The Remixes
play 01. Sideform - Web Of Life (Float rmx)136.00
play 02. Sideform - Web Of Life (Original Mix)136.00
play 03. Sideform - Web Of Life (Relativ rmx)136.00
play 04. Sideform - Web Of Life (Flegma rmx)136.00
play 05. Sideform - Web Of Life (Lyctum rmx)136.00
play 06. Sideform - Web Of Life (Ovnimoon rmx)136.00

TesseracTstudio is more then proud to present the Remix EP from the Sideform master piece track "WEB OF LIFE". Including remixes from the well know artists from progressive-psy scene like: Float, Relativ, Flegma, Lyctum and Ovnimoon.

  • The Riddler - Disco Fairy
play 01. The Riddler - Cause I128.00
play 02. The Riddler - Disco Fairy128.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new EP "Disco Fairy" from the label artists The Riddler.

Talpa_the moon EP
  • Talpa - The Moon Remixes
play 01.Talpa - The Moon (Hardy Veles rmx)136.00
play 02.Talpa - The Moon (Flegma and Nerso rmx)138.00

TesseracTstudio records proudly presents new remix EP of the masterpiece track The Moon from the label artist Talpa which was original released in 2004...

  • Lyctum - Light Force
play 01. Lyctum - Omniverse136.00
play 02. Lyctum - The Bass Creator137.00
play 03. Lyctum - Light Force137.00

In series of exclusive digital releases, TesseracTstudio is proud to announce first exclusive "Light Force" Ep, from the artist Lyctum from Serbia.

  • The Riddler - Shadows
play 01. The Riddler - Cliper127.00
play 02. The Riddler - Shadows127.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new EP "Shadows" from the label artists The Riddler.

Zyce Technology
  • Zyce - Technology
play 01. Zyce - Android137.00
play 02. Zyce - Technology137.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to present new "Technology" EP from the label act Zyce.

  • The Riddler - Behind The Curtain
play 01.The Riddler - Behind The Curtain128.00
play 02.The Riddler - Confession128.00
play 03.The Riddler - Stinky Boy128.00

TesseracTstudio records is proud to announce the latest EP from the label artist The Riddler. Including 3 tracks 'Behind The Curtain EP' present the true combination from all electronic genre. While listening to it over and over, it takes you deeper into thinking, what is Behind the Curtains.

not so funny 220px
  • The Riddler - Not So Funny
play 01.The Riddler - Not So Funny128.00
play 02.The Riddler - Maybe128.00
play 03.The Riddler - Geroj128.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new EP 'Not So Funny' from the label artists The Riddler. After huge success of the debut album 'Questions'. The Riddler continues to bring us most fresh beats in progressive sound world.

Vertex - Spliff
  • Vertex - Spliff Science
play 01. Vertex - In Heat128.00
play 02. Vertex - Spliff Science132.00
play 03. Vertex - Visionary135.00

TesseracTstudio records proudly presents first digital exclusive release on ... from label act Vertex. Including 3 tracks 'Spliff Science EP' present pure progressive trance sound mixed with smooth melody's which will definitely leave no one indifferent.

Sideform - Santo Daime
  • Sideform - Santo Daime
play 01. Sideform - Santo Daime136.00
play 02. Sideform - Santo Daime (Zyce rmx)136.00
play 03. Sideform - Santo Daime (Relativ rmx)136.00

In series of exclusive digital releases, TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new rmx EP of Santo Diame, the master piace track made by Sideform, which includ remixes versions from artists such us Zyce and Relativ.

Compilation - Best Of 2010
  • The Best Of 2010
play 01. Float - Tyrkyn (Vertex Remix)127.00
play 02. Float - Morning Rain126.00
play 03. Beatsklop – Attractors126.00
play 04. Vertex & Pion – Lighthouse128.00
play 05. The Riddler - Fille De La Soie130.00
play 06. Vertex - Hungary Dance130.00
play 07. Phaxe vs Zyce & Flegma - Tutti Fruty135.00
play 08. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Float rmx)133.00
play 09. Flegma & Nerso - Data Link133.00
play 10. Sideform - Santo Daime136.00
play 11. Zyce - L'apstraction135.00
play 12. Zyce & Nerso - Earth Prime136.00
play 13. E Clip & Flegma - Night Swallowing Day134.00
play 14. Ectima & Talpa – Claymore134.00
play 15. Middle Mode Vs Flegma & Nerso Vs E Clip - I.P.U.134.00
play 16. Ectima & E-Clip – Crossfire136.00
play 17. Ectima - By Human140.00
play 18. Solar Kid - Chill With Me140.00

Enjoy in the best sellers of 2010 from TesseracTstudio records. Artists like Flegma & Nerso, E-Clip , Talpa, Zyce, Float, Pion, Phaxe, Sideform, Middle Mode, Ectima & Solar Kid will leave \no one indifferent.. DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Zyce - L'apstraction
  • Zyce - L'apstraction
  • Published:
  • 18.12.2010

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play 01. Zyce - L'apstraction135.00
play 02. Zyce - Illustration135.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new EP in series of exclusive digital releases, this time presented by label artist Zyce with his L'apstraction EP.

The Riddler - Little Bastards
  • The Riddler - Little Bastards
play 01. The Riddler - Little Bastards130.00
play 02. The Riddler - It's All About132.00

TesseracTstudio records presents new exclusive release from label artist The Riddler. Including 2 tracks of pure deep sound, crazy rage melodies, spiced with techno elements.

Float - Circles of Motion
  • Float - Circles of Motion
play 01. Float - Circles of Motion127.00
play 02. Float - Beach Melt125.00
play 03. Float - Morning Rain126.00
play 04. Float - Opushteno127.00
play 05. Float - Organic Beat127.00

TesseracTstudio presents new exclusive release from label artist Float. Including 5 tracks of pure summer deep sound, spiced with dubby chords and wrapped into exotic progressive rhythms.

The Riddler - Fille de la Soie
  • The Riddler - Fille De La Soie
play 01. The Riddler - Fille De La Soie130.00
play 02. The Riddler - Cherry On The Apple Tree130.00

TesseracTstudio Records is proud to announce new EP in series of exclusive digital releases, this time presented by label artist The Riddler with his first EP. The Riddler is exciting new project of none other than psytrance master Talpa, which is considered to be one of the most innovative and creative producers in the trance scene. The Riddler brings a fresh breeze to a global electronic music scene, with his unusual arrangements, crystal clear synth sounds and intelligent breaks and modulations, unique sound of The Riddler will definately hit right into the dance center of your brain!

FunkyDragon n Zyce - Serpent The Remixes
  • Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent
play 01. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent 133.00
play 02. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Terahert rmx)133.00
play 03. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Sideform rmx)133.00
play 04. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Float rmx)133.00
play 05. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Flegma & Nerso rmx)133.00
play 06. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (Middle Mode rmx)133.00
play 07. Funky Dragon & Zyce - Serpent (E-Clip rmx)133.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new collaboration remix EP from Funky Dragon and Zyce called "Serpent". This EP will for sure present the finest progressive trance which TesseracTstudio have to offer. Line Up on this collaboration release , speaks for itself, artist's like Zyce, E-CLip, Flegma & Nerso, Sideform, Middle Mode, Float, Terahert, Funky Dragon are for sure one of the top progressive trance acts of today.

Solar Kid - Chill with me
  • Solar Kid - Chill With Me
play 01. Solar Kid - Chill With Me140.00
play 02. Solar Kid - Flamebach120.00
play 03. Solar Kid - Glowworm Dance132.00
play 04. Solar Kid - Liquid Love91.00

'Chill with me' is a connection of electronic and vocal music, gathering the scale of beautiful, catchy, psychedelic and melancholic note. This EP has a very human element in it, and you can sense the spirit and etno emotion that have gone into this creation.

Float - Polar Light & Tyrkyn
  • Float - Polar Light
play 01. Float - Polar Light127.00
play 02. Float - Polar Light (Excizen rmx)126.00
play 03. Float - Polar Light (Made to Move rmx)127.00
play 04. Float - Tyrkyn (Pion rmx)127.00
play 05. Float - Tyrkyn (Vertex rmx)127.00
play 06. Float - Tyrkyn (The Riddler rmx)127.00

TesseracTstudio is proud to announce new EP in series of exclusive digital releases, this time presented by Label artist Float and exquisite remixes of his tunes. Float is known for his different innovative arrangements and rhythmic patterns which always creates unique dancefloor grooves. This release features various styles exclusive remixes by Vertex, The Riddler, Pion, Excizen and Made To Move. An essential collection of deep morning tunes ranging from downtempo and deep house to higher festival techno sound with a minimal touch. An instant refreshment for a hot summer!!!

Vertex - Archipelago
  • Vertex - Archipelago
play 01. Vertex - Oceanos124.00
play 02. Vertex - Archipelago128.00
play 03. Vertex - Hungary Dance130.00
play 04. Vertex & Float - Oceansphere130.00

Inspired by ocean view, this release present music form with a touch of ocean. Progressive house sound mixed with smooth melody's will for sure make every listener closer to the ocean.